Warlords: Heroes Game

Battle your way through 4 scenes of imagination fight. Purchasing battling moves, love and procuring colleague to help you on your adventure.


– An amusement in view of the Achilles motor set in the Warlords world.

– 3 Different characters with various weapons, moves, stories, partners in crime, identities

– Purchasable battling moves after every level – learn and tweak your battling style as you go

– Hire partners in crime to assit you on your mission

– Buy covering and supernatural things after every level

– 18 Standard foe units+ 7 Bosses (Achilles had 3 Standard + 5 Bosses)

– 9 Different races with various foundations for their districts

– Freely explorable guide, in the event that you need to simply go visiting round battling individuals, you can!

– Survival Mode

– Gladiator Mode – Exclusive to Kongregate

Directions in diversion.

BTW: Forward + assault implies hold the way you are confronting and press assault.

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