In Games-FreeGames (hereinafter ‘Games-FreeGames’ or ‘We’) want everyone to have a good time in Games-FreeGames and pledge to keep the Website as secure and private as possible.

This Privacy Policy, together with the Legal Notice and Terms of Use (all, collectively, the “Agreement”) applies to the collection and processing of personal data of users of the Website under the domain, and under any of the sub-domains or web pages depending on them (the ‘Website’), and the ownership of Games-FreeGames services that are available on the Website.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, because the fact of accessing the Website and / or using the Services, and / or register at the website, means that you have read, understand and agree, without reservations of any kind, this Policy Privacy, and you agree that we collect and try YOUR PROFILE AND YOUR INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY AND SPANISH LAWS and expressly accept the security measures we have implemented to make Games-FreeGames safety. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, you must not use this Website or the Services offered.In some cases Games-FreeGames can provide some special service subject to its own particular conditions and privacy policy. These special conditions and privacy policy complete this Privacy Policy, and, in case of inconsistency, these Conditions shall prevail and special privacy policy.This Privacy Policy supplements the Terms and Conditions of the Website and the terms used here with the first letter capitalized will have the meaning set forth in the Terms and Conditions.For any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by sending an email to

1 Personal Information we collect and treat

1.1 Games-FreeGames collects certain personal information (i) when you register with the Website (via the appropriate form) for the Services, (ii) when shopping or doing any payment credits to access additional services, or (iii) to through the emails that we send to contact us. We also collect information automatically about your visit to our website, all in the manner indicated in this Privacy Policy.

1.2 Thus, when a user visits the Website or use the Services, Games-FreeGames automatically collects certain information (depending on whether it is a Registered User or a mere visitor), such as your IP address, unique code to access your computer, browser used, user name, the nickname you use, visits to the Website of Games-FreeGames, time of visit, pages visited, data accessed Chatroom, friends list, or transaction log if any (that include your nickname , the product purchased, eg. Appropriations-, time, and your phone number if you buy credits by sending an SMS). Some of these data are obtained through cookies, mentioned below, or when we receive a payment to purchase credits or advanced services.

1.3 In addition, when you register with the Website and you become a registered user, you must complete a form on which we will request information such as a user name, nickname, your email address, sex, date of birth and your . All these data requested on the form are mandatory and necessary and should not supply you can not become a registered user and access the services of the Website.1.4 In the registration process, and at any time via the Settings section in your Registered User account can decide if your profile Joined Games-FreeGames member, or part of it (for example, your Personal Pages) is public or private, and activate certain tools to increase your privacy within the Website. You must be aware and agree that if you decide to make your profile completely public (or certain information in your profile), other Registered Users will have access to your profile data and public information contained herein. If you decide that your profile is private (ie, that part of the information and content in your profile is private), only you and certain users can access this information (for example, only registered users that have added to your list of friends). Be sure to check properly the different levels of privacy you can define your profile through your Registered User account.

2 Purpose of data collection and processing

2.1 Games-FreeGames collects and treats your personal information for the following purposes:(A) To enable the operation of the Website and the provision of the Services, and if applicable, the recovery of Advanced Services; (B) Understand your needs, customize your profile and access to services, and improve our information, products and services for you; (C) Allow you to send emails and SMS messages to friends of service users without them knowing your contact information; (D) Managing your Registered User account and inform you of the things we do that might interest or affect you in some way (for example, news from the Website, changes to the Website or the Services), as well as surveys, special offers, contests and other promotions Games-FreeGames ownership; (E) To adapt and customize the advertising available on the Website, the Services and your registered user profile; (F) Maintain the Website and the Services as a safe, allowing us to investigate activities users perform certain breach of contract; (G) To give the claims and complaints made by users, for example, in relation to the use of the Services by other users or content published on the Website. (H) Conduct surveys and statistical research on usage behavior, scientific research, social, economic or market, and provide anonymous information about our traffic data and similar to our clients, and publish the results of such surveys and investigations, so anonymously. (I) to provide you with custom information about other products and services Games-FreeGames or third parties, which we feel may be of interest, provided we have your consent and we’ve indicated that you did not receive such information. If you want to stop receiving these communications, you can do so through the My Account section of Registered User, or by contacting us by sending an email to

3 Cookies

3.1 By Cookies Games-FreeGames makes navigating through the Website in order to achieve greater effectiveness and personalize services. A cookie is a piece of information sent by a web server to your web browser, which enables the server to collect certain information from your browser and your use of the Website, and so, customize services based on your interests (eg, provide you quick access to your profile avoiding constantly need to enter your username and password for this).

3.2 The cookies of other data will not Games-FreeGames than specified above, nor can read data or other cookies that exist on your computer. You can prevent the use of our cookies on your computer by using the option in your browser, but in that case you can not enjoy the facilities and the Services customizations Cookies allow.

4 Security

4.1 All information you provide and all information contained in your account is encrypted. Games-FreeGames system allows your browser automatically encrypt or scramble data before we send them. No permit any transactions or data if your browser does not support this encryption. Only authorized personnel Games-FreeGames or its partners can decode this information, and only carry out this task in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Games-FreeGames uses this facility to ensure that all information we receive from you is protected and secure at all times.

4.2 Games-FreeGames also adopted other measures in order to keep the Website as a safe and prevent the commission of criminal or unlawful conduct within the Website and the Services. In this sense, we inform all registered users of the Website to certain conversations that registered users activities in the Website or the Services, including your Content, may be registered in Games-FreeGames systems, together with other data connection as has indicated, and may be reviewed and processed by us only for the purpose of prevention, investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crimes and offenses (for example, when a user determined inform us directly or through our moderators, for certain illegal activities, or if we reasonably believe that you have committed the alleged crime or offense, or if we receive a request or an order of a competent authority). Games-FreeGames At no time will use the information collected for purposes different from those expressed or communicate such information to third parties. Such information may where appropriate, brought to the notice of the authorities and the state security bodies. All data and information will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the security measures that Games-FreeGames has implemented to prevent loss, alteration or unauthorized access, in accordance with applicable law. You authorize and consent expressly to Games-FreeGames take these security measures within the Website, with the stated purposes.

4.3 With the same purpose of maintaining the Website as a safe, Games-FreeGames can register and maintain, in accordance with the terms and for the maximum time allowed by law to deal with such data, a list of former users of the Website who were expelled from Website or the Services.

5 Transfer of data to third

5.1 Games-FreeGames will not sell or transmit your personal data to third parties, except in cases and with the legitimate aims set out in this Privacy Policy.Games-FreeGames

5.2 can allow access and treatment of certain users’ personal data to third parties for the provision of a service by such third persons Games-FreeGames, when necessary or appropriate to enable the operation of the Website or the provision of our Services or for the treatment of these data by third parties on behalf of Games-FreeGames. In any case, the data provided to such third parties are strictly necessary for the particular service to be paid to Games-FreeGames.

5.3 Games-FreeGames may also disclose and provide access to certain personal information with your consent, to other companies within its group of companies, and always try to make these data with the same purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. For a specific list of companies that are part of Games-FreeGames.

5.4 Games-FreeGames also may disclose certain personal information previously notified¬† having obtained your consent, to third parties, both situated in Spanish territory and in other member countries of the European Union, for purposes of marketing and advertising their products legitimate. Those third parties to which we yield data, carried out the processing of such data by themselves, and can not control Games-FreeGames use those parties made of your personal data, which are the only ones responsible for that treatment. In any case, to give your personal information to these third parties, we will ensure that they will protect your personal data, that’s not disclosed to third parties, and that only used legitimately and with your prior consent.

5.5 Games-FreeGames may also disclose personal information to authorities and state security bodies, with the stated purposes of prevention, investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crimes and offenses.

5.6 Finally, Games-FreeGames may also inform another anonymous information about the use and visits to the Website for purposes of statistical analysis and study.

6. Links, content and services from third

6.1 The Website and the Services may contain advertisements, content, services and links to other web sites and / or services operated by third parties. Games-FreeGames not control such services or third party websites, and this Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices and policies of such third parties as to the services or websites operated by them. We recommend that you review and consult the privacy policies of such services or third party websites before clicking on them or use them, and we remind you that Games-FreeGames not responsible for the acts or actions of such third parties.

7 Right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

7.1 Your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy will be included in a file registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, Games-FreeGames ownership, Trademarks, NIF 38827465S, established in the population of 08,304 Mataró, province Barcelona (Spain), and email address

7.2 In accordance with Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data and its implementing regulations, we hereby inform you that you are entitled to access, modify, cancel and oppose to including your personal information in our files . To exercise these rights, you can:(A) access, rectify, modify and update your personal details and information concerning your account on the Website through the Settings section in your Registered User account, or (B) access, modify, amend, cancel and oppose your personal data to the processing of your data by contacting us via email.

7.3 In order to exercise the rights mentioned in paragraph (b) above must identify yourself as the owner of the data. To do so, you must send in the email we remitas a photocopy of your ID card, or other document proving your identity. Also, you must correctly answer the questions you do, related to personal data comunicaste us when you registered, and other questions about your use of the Service, so that we make sure that only you can exercise your rights to your personal data according to the rules. In the unlikely event that is not you, but your legal representative who exercise those rights on your behalf, your agent must send a copy of your ID card or other document proving your identity and a copy of a valid document attesting to their status as representative .

7.4 You represent and warrant that all personal data you provide to us in accordance with this Privacy Policy are real, accurate, complete and current.

8 Policy concerning children

8.1 The Website and the Services are intended for people over 14 years. If you are under 18 and over 14, ask your parents or guardians that you review this Privacy Policy, and consult with them every circumstance of our Privacy Policy do not understand, for them to explain their meaning. In any case, any person whose age is below 14 years is allowed to provide us with personal data or personal data published within the Website or the Services.

8.2 By completing the registration form you warrant that you are over 14 years and will be entirely responsible for this declaration. Games-FreeGames may at any time, require users to verify their age through the contribution of the corresponding identity document. Also Games-FreeGames reserves the right to expel all those who, having less than 14 years, are discovered by Games-FreeGames and regularize their situation in 72 hours by sending an authorization from parents or guardians.

8.3 If you are under 18 and you intend to use the Website or the Services, we recommend that you read and follow the safety recommendations on the Internet of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (especially those relating to the use of chats and Internet) in # internet. Ask your parents or guardians to explain any part you do not understand about these recommendations.

9 Information for Parents and Guardians

9.1 The Website and the Services Games-FreeGames allow users to use the chat rooms to talk to other users, post messages on the message boards and post your profile, messages and other content on their personal pages within Games-FreeGames, others Users will see depending on the level chosen by the user privacy to your profile (see clause 1.4 of this Privacy Policy). If your child or children in your charge data reveal themselves within our Website or use our Services, such data may be viewed by other users and you may receive unsolicited messages from other users of the Website. It is your responsibility as a parent, guardian or responsible for their actions, make sure your child or children in your care are committed to fulfill the contract formed by this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions, available on the Website. In the Settings section of the Registered User account your child can set different levels of privacy and other security tools that you can activate if you wish.

9.2 If you are worried about your kids activities conducted within the Website, or Games-FreeGames about your privacy, you can contact us via email.

10 Modification of Privacy Policy

10.1 Games-FreeGames reserves the right to modify, update or revise this Privacy Policy for legal reasons, for technical reasons or due to changes in the provision of the Services or access to the content or Site, as well as modifications arising codes of conduct that apply or, where appropriate, strategic corporate decisions, publishing the latest version through our Website or otherwise notifying you at our discretion.