Kamikaze Pigs GameThe odor of sizzling hotdogs fills the air as kamikaze pigs turn out by the dozen to answer an invitation to battle, just to fall screeching before a surge of homicide, commotion and delectably bacon-enhanced butchery. What are they so perplexed of? Why have the pigs gone to war in any case… and whose brilliant thought would it say it was to put a major, sparkling red catch on each and every rocket, plane, and tank in their stockpile?

Join the enjoyment in this new thought on the chain response diversion type, and send these porkers to their fate with a delicate blast and a boisterous SQUEE!

KAMIKAZES PIGS highlights 40 levels of gameplay for the easygoing player… or, you can pound it out, and in this manner open concealed levels and a reward Big-Boss!

Play through a progression of luxuriously nitty gritty situations, including day and night levels!

Accomplish murder combos of 70, even 80… would you be able to make it to 90?

Many testing accomplishments and fun overhauls; open new components with stars, and purchase with in-amusement money. Accomplishments don’t simply lounge around, possibly; they offer extra stars towards future updates!

  1. Destroy however many pigs as would be prudent by clicking to bring about a chain response. This gets you money!
  2. Reach the warning in the murder progress meter to clear the level.
  3. The charge meter will refill as chain responses happen. Whenever full, roast’em once more!
  4. Get stars by crashing into them or by means of the slaughter progress meter. Stars open new redesigns.
  5. You can simply offer updates on the off chance that it is makes a level hard!
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