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You can learn to cook with free cooking games > Play and cook free :P

The flawless cook from the cooking diversion arrangement Cooking with Emma this time demonstrates to you proper methodologies to set up the delightful sweet Tiramisu.
Put on your cook’s garment and stroll into the shoes of the server working in this dazzling little stop cafe! Take care of every one of the ravenous clients and rush to complete their sustenance orders, b [...]
Would you accept a position as a server/cook in one of the fanciest five star eateries around the local area? At that point put on your cook’s garment, move up your sleeves and get behind the counter for [...]
Xmas Blocks Detract Game is a pieces expelling table game in which you have to fall the Christmas themed obstructs by tapping the gatherings of on a level plane or vertically associated same shading Christmas t [...]
Do you ever feel unfortunate after you eat garbage nourishment at sustenance court? My companion Mia chose to end up distinctly a veggie lover when she discovered that her wellbeing is unstable. Grandmother has [...]
Practically every family cooks rice so I think you merit a to have an extraordinary formula in your kitchen. In this web based cooking amusement for young ladies, we will show you how to make Arab rice. Jenna t [...]