Cookies Games

Cookies games where you cook deliciuos cookies recipes. ¡Clic here to play and practice your cooking skills with hot cookie games!

Each Sunday I make another sweet formula for my family. This time I was out of thoughts so I didn’t comprehend what to make until a splendid thought turned out. I recalled that my most loved close relativ [...]
Today we cook a formula cherished by everybody: treats with chocolate! We will begin by cutting the spread and chocolate into cuts. In a bowl blend the salt, eggs, spread, flour, heating pop, vanilla and drain. [...]
Yummy Flower Cookies is a game to prepare some cookies in the shape of flowers! You start Yummy Flower Cookies Game by mixing the ingredients. 😀 butter, lemon, sugar, rind, eggs and flour.
Adorable gourmet expert Oti’s preparing to heat some of her popular spooky-delightful Halloween Cookies that she will treat all her trap or-treaters with this year! Would you mind loaning her some assista [...]
Your companions are coming over for a poker night at your place so you need to think at a few snacks to make. They bring the beverages so the snacks are all yours. Begin with some heavenly treats on the grounds [...]
Play with hamsters and bolster them with treats! Click joints to evacuate them in Cookie Hamster Game.