Action Games

Action games to enjoy with kicks, jumps, runs, hits… Have fun and feel the excitement playing a free action game. ┬íPlay with action now!

In Inner Demon Game you are an evil spirit in a chase for mortal souls! Scan for people, have their bodies and convey to the black market. Finish 30 levels of bewilder based soul grabbing to achieve the last ta [...]
In Bloody Night Game somebody have open the dull entryway and the greater part of the armed force to govern this world. One by one the city have been down. Furthermore, when all trust appears have lost… O [...]
“Contain Him Game!” is an extraordinary two players diversion brimming with activity and feeling. The main player is the rational researcher while the second is the mutant creature.
FFG – Four Fatty Gunner Game is shooter amusement can be played with 2 players. Move, dash, charge and shoot to murder your adversaries.
In Timberman Game you turn into a timberman, cleave wood and keep away from the branches. Snap or bolt keys to slash wood.
How to Bird Game is a cutting edge platformer with tight controls, 30 levels and unique music.