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Games, Free Games and Online Games for Play and Enjoy. Play for free on this site with the best free online games on Internet. Drive in the car racing and motorbike racing free games against the clock or against other vehicles. Play football and score goals online with free football games. Play classic, modern card & board free games in your entertaining time. Fly and visit outer space with the ships and aircraft games. Take care of the animals in the farming free games. Prepare tasty eat and delicious desserts while learning the secret recipes with free cooking games. Aim and shoot at the free shooting and war games . Memory, skill and strategy free games to learn to prioritize decisions and streamline the mind. Play the free multiplayer games with other players to share the game that you like with your friends. New free games every day. Fun & Entertainment in

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ClickFrenzyMaybe good for train some micro nin MOBA games click little squares

Flappy Kevin

Flappy KevinAh Ah 19cm Clic Salope

Ninja Jump

Ninja JumpPlatform jump game.nControl the Ninja to jump through walls and platforms and finally grab the scroll! Instructions can be found in game.

ClickFrenzy(difficult:very hard)

ClickFrenzy(difficult:very hard)click click click click little squares

Mahmoud the saviour

Mahmoud the saviour Cool game, Awesome skate game where you are the best ever. Arrows

Sonic meets Some Ponies V 2

Sonic meets Some Ponies V 2You love Sonic and MLP : FiM? So you’ll love this game! In the game!


ToDMy game about tower and defence… Tower of Defence!nIt is beta version. V. 1.0 coming soon…) Click, click and click. I will add instruction ...

Poto Caca Estelar!

Poto Caca Estelar!- First game evern- Multiplayer (local)n- Players have 5 sec per turnn-P1 starts P1:nnW/S/F – Up/Down/FirennP2:nnUpArrow/DownArrow/Num1 to Fire

Flappy Kanpasso

Flappy KanpassoFor diego fans 1. Start gamen2. Play gamen3. Rage



Shooters Way: Crazy Square (Boss)

Shooters Way: Crazy Square (Boss)Beat the Red Boss. Winner gets their name on the Scoreboard A/Left Arrow = Move Left nS/Down Arrow = Move Down nD/Right Arrow = Move Right nW/Up Arrow ...

Castle of Defence

Castle of DefenceHardcore “tower defence” – game.nMy first game about castle and defence… defence and castles… Castle of Defence All inst ...

Prison fix

Prison fixThis is a game for a project.nDo NOT play.nPlaceholder Click to place units.nOnly 1 type of unit to be placed.

Super Mariano Jr

Super Mariano JrMariano Jr loves cookies, help him collect all cookies. But beware of enemies who want to disrupt.nnMariano Jr ama las galletas, ayúdale a recoger tod ...

Shoot on Space

Shoot on SpaceProtect the earth and destroy the aliens Left Arrow and Right Arrow to move and Spacebar to shoot

The Monster and The player

The Monster and The playerThe player must kill all monsters in the way until the 3rd level and win the game First level only spacenthe 2nd level P and F and Spacente 3rd level ...


brisgThis is a test There isn’t any instructions


MysterriaA base model for my top-down rpg style game, currently a shooter, but I have plans to implement melee combat soon. I attempted to make the tree “ ...

Spanish Game

Spanish GameParkour to Puerto Rico MandatosnUsa las flechas para movernAbre los nuevos niveles por terminar los niveles anterioresnRecoge las estrellas en cada ni ...

Flappy Wyrm

Flappy WyrmHow far can you go? Help the little wyrm scape from the cave! Click to up, just hold to go down
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