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Games, Free Games and Online Games for Play and Enjoy. Play for free on this site with the best free online games on Internet. Drive in the car racing and motorbike racing free games against the clock or against other vehicles. Play football and score goals online with free football games. Play classic, modern card & board free games in your entertaining time. Fly and visit outer space with the ships and aircraft games. Take care of the animals in the farming free games. Prepare tasty eat and delicious desserts while learning the secret recipes with free cooking games. Aim and shoot at the free shooting and war games . Memory, skill and strategy free games to learn to prioritize decisions and streamline the mind. Play the free multiplayer games with other players to share the game that you like with your friends. New free games every day. Fun & Entertainment in

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Card Battle

Card BattleCard Battle. Use your abilities to dethrone Yattien on this balanced card game. The enemy has IA. Do not underestimate him. Choose where to increase y ...


BlockBitAn extremely addictive game for short breaks.nnPlay also on:nnhttp://blockbit.clay.ionn ...


SeaquestAs the play exceeds the limit of 10MB. I’m putting the link to access the Android store. ...


MathrunA mathematics game for you to try your speed in solving small equations.nCan you score more than 100? Just click on the right solution for the equatio ...

Mathrun – for mobiles

Mathrun – for mobilesA mathematics game for you to try your speed in solving small equations.nCan you score more than 100? Just touch the right answer.

Karski Runner

Karski RunnerKarski Runner Use [Space] to jump


HEAVYWEIGHT RUNNERMy first game. It’s not perfect by a long shot but I’m glad I have something to show the community. nnIt’s a simple auto runner and ...

Into The Castle

Into The CastleYou need a key and press the spacebar into the castle Move (“A” “D”) Jump (“K”) Fly (hold “K”)

Lo Chung

Lo Chunga game for Lo Chung [w]to move upwardn[a]to move leftn[d]to move rightn[s]to move downward

Flappy Birdogity

Flappy BirdogityThis was a copy of a Flappy bird game. It has many bugs. I dont know how to put sound when it flaps and the highscore so i would be happy if someone h ...


HAVING PROBLEMS WITH BUG!BUG! BUG! BUG! BUG! [W] ~> UPn[S] ~> DOWNn[A] ~> LEFTn[D] ~> RIGHTnLeft Button of Mouse ~> Shoot

Shadow Knight (test)

Shadow Knight (test)I am learning to use Construct 2 and using an old concept to work!nThank you!nn [left arrow] ...

Breakout Atari

Breakout AtariA Construct 2 port of the popular Atari game Breakout!nnOne of the only games I’ve ever finished. [Left Arrow] and [Right Arrow] for side to sid ...


OCTOPUS AttackShooter simple game!!nenjoy!!! con las flechas del teclado mueves el personaje,con click disparas, la barra espaciadora para continuar

Rock Smasher

Rock SmasherRun, jump, dash and call down your amazing powers to smash all the rocks in this one button infinite runner game. Made for my ‘Bite Sized Game D ...

Run Jump Shoot

Run Jump ShootA infinite running game through a 8-bit world, shooting down evil versions of yourself to chiptune music. AWW YEAH.nnP.S- Mobile gets rainbow shots! I ...

Flying Plane

Flying PlaneFly a plane and collect coins!nDon’t hit any enemies and try to pick up energy regular. [Click] the Screen.

Super Meat Boy Jump Style Example

Super Meat Boy Jump Style ExampleIt’s an example game to show the Super Meat Boy Jump style, inspired by BluePhaze’s 2 Jump tutorials ( ...

Map Gen – 2030

Map Gen – 2030A Map builder for isometric game Arrows to move cameranMouse click to change Brushs and place in grid.

Click Pro

Click ProClick as fast as you can, and try to beat the record! left click or touch the object when it shows.
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