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Games, Free Games and Online Games for Play and Enjoy. Play for free on this site with the best free online games on Internet. Drive in the car racing and motorbike racing free games against the clock or against other vehicles. Play football and score goals online with free football games. Play classic, modern card & board free games in your entertaining time. Fly and visit outer space with the ships and aircraft games. Take care of the animals in the farming free games. Prepare tasty eat and delicious desserts while learning the secret recipes with free cooking games. Aim and shoot at the free shooting and war games . Memory, skill and strategy free games to learn to prioritize decisions and streamline the mind. Play the free multiplayer games with other players to share the game that you like with your friends. New free games every day. Fun & Entertainment in

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Creep shooter

Creep shooterkill creeps with knifes tap to throw,arrows to move


ShadeAfter a few weeks of dabbling in Construct 2, I have finally made a mini-game that I am quite proud of. nnThe story behind Shade is a bit complicated ...

Try Hard

Try Hard–Looking for graphic artist–nnFirst public release of my game. It’s still in developement and soon i’ll make missions and anot ...

Witch Fail

Witch FailConheça o meu mais novo jogo , e avaliem por favo. Você pode usar as seta e o comanda “A” na tela ou se peferir usar as seta direita esque ...


2048BlocksBlocks Games With 2048 theme ! nNext update will become a 2048 game candry crush saga like Game! Enjoy this version! click blocks to get stars and to ...


8BallPoolHow fast can you clear a billiards table. Now’s your chance to see.n8 ball example not for public ! not my work! mouse to interact click and hol ...

mathGame 2

mathGame 2create 4 equations with 16 different numbers [left mouse]

Martian Patrol: Deathmatch

Martian Patrol: DeathmatchThis is a demo. Please feel free to leave a comment – give me some feedback. Aim with your mouse. Left click to fire the lasercannon, right clic ...

SeaQuest Learning

SeaQuest LearningVersion of SeaQuest from Atari with sample file for you. [Arrows] to movement;n[Spacebar] to shoot;

The Story of Us – DEMO

The Story of Us – DEMOA game based on prehistoric cave paintings and mythological folktales from prehistoric peoples. You play as a hunter-gatherer, trying to hunt enough g ...

Enem Média

Enem MédiaEste é um Exemplo de Calculadora De Média do Enem. Ckick Enter para ir para o Resultado

Flappy LOL & Herp

Flappy LOL & HerpAnother Flapping Game (Supporrt MultiPlayer) Flapping: Press [Up] (Player1)n Press [Space] (Player2)n Press [R] (reset HighScore)


TaburetManThemed version of flappy bird [Mouse]

Try Hard: Survival Mode

Try Hard: Survival Mode Try Hard: Survival, still in progress. You earn 1 score after killing a zombie. You can sumbit your score at end of the game. [WSAD] or [Arrows] ̵ ...


Toad24 directions movement using [Up Arrow] [Down Arrow] [Left Arrow] [Right Arrow]. Get more water-drop. 4 directions movement using [Up Arrow] [Down Arro ...

Martian Patrol Deathmatch

Martian Patrol DeathmatchThis is a demo. Please feel free to leave a comment – give me some feedback! nnI prefer using a headset/headphone for better experience. It̵ ...

MassiveStroke Slaugher

MassiveStroke SlaugherClick on the boxes and the Cup of the Lift Platform Mouse Click

MassiveStroke Gravity

MassiveStroke GravityClick on the boxes and the Cup of the Lift Platform [Mouse Click] [Up Arrow]

Click Record

Click RecordClick Record [Mouse Click]

Flappy WK edition

Flappy WK editionGet pionts to score the ball in the goal Touch any or mouse click to hold the player high.
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