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Games, Free Games and Online Games for Play and Enjoy. Play for free on this site with the best free online games on Internet. Drive in the car racing and motorbike racing free games against the clock or against other vehicles. Play football and score goals online with free football games. Play classic, modern card & board free games in your entertaining time. Fly and visit outer space with the ships and aircraft games. Take care of the animals in the farming free games. Prepare tasty eat and delicious desserts while learning the secret recipes with free cooking games. Aim and shoot at the free shooting and war games . Memory, skill and strategy free games to learn to prioritize decisions and streamline the mind. Play the free multiplayer games with other players to share the game that you like with your friends. New free games every day. Fun & Entertainment in

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Pixel’s Creed-Pixelations

Pixel’s Creed-Pixelationsenable your webcam. follow instructions in-game.

Bob The Blob

Bob The BlobHelp Bob get to safety by avoiding the fire. [arrow keys] to move and jump

Troll game

Troll gameA very badly made game, made under an hour!nnA test game open to public release. This is my first ever time using Construct 2 with no coding knowledge ...


A[squared]A fast and addictive twin-stick asteroid shooter with an exponential score multiplier. Use WASD + Mouse, XBox Controller, or Touch.nnMultipliers spawn ...


Towersa generic towers game Cannon : -range 200n -damage 100-130n -atk.spd 1hit/2snnWater Tower : – range 250n – damage 10n – slow 65n  ...

Space Junk!

Space Junk!Shoot your Lazers at the Space Junk! wasd or arrow keys work!

The Car

The CarDrive your car! Use the mouse.


The WINNER…Un petit jeu créé par les enfants du centre de loisirs d’Arnage Arrows to move (Plateformer template)


BabyCardGameThis is a Card Game for Baby. The idea is to present a word and the child must reproduce the word with the cards. First row, this is the word to repro ...


GIV2014TEST2GIV 2014 Class #2 [Arrows] = Move & Jump

Protest March 2030

Protest March 2030 I suspect that protesting in the future is going ot be hard… nnMy entry for the Construct 2030 Game Jam. [Space] or [Left Mouse] to fly.nnTouch ...


Blinded You’re a blinded guy, Nestor, and you want to see.nWalk in a lab to find why all researches are not for solving handicap problems.nBut don’ ...

Mirror Time

Mirror TimeMy wretched face. It haunts me. I touch it. Watch me touch it. Touch/mouse cursor on click touches my face.

The Spartan

The SpartanThis is only a prototype/tester I plan on added millions more content.nAt the moment all you can do is jump, but you will quickly get the idea. Jump & ...


GoFlyingJust a simple Fly Along game I made to see if I had learned anything.nnThe music is from;nnBassFreak on Hold [LMB] to fly up, release to ...


GIV 2014 FINAL GAMEGIV 2014 FINAL GAME [Arrow Keys] = Move

Astro Junk

Astro JunkJumper platform, collect junk and avoid meteors [A] – Leftn[D] – Rightn[S] – Shieldn[Spacebar] – Jetpack


OutVoidDuring a regular patrol in the Sector 3M14 asteroid belt, you are suddenly ensnared by an enemy void. All communication and navigation controls have b ...

Pictures With Friends

Pictures With FriendsDraw pictures and get your friends to guess what you drew!nnI stripped away some of the functionality and the Multiplayer from my game on www.Synaptop ...

Pixel Fish Ninja

Pixel Fish NinjaAppstore link Ninja, stand on the edge of your boat and slice the fish ...
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