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I Miss My Buss

I Miss My BussArghhh!! You were waiting for your bus and it left without you… Now you need to run to catch it!! “A” to run, “D” to jum ...

Square Hell

Square Helltyleraaron Click to keep up

Otson Kosto

Otson KostoOtso kostaa Normal platformer movements shoot with mouse


DerekCool game where you can play, run or throw Derek around “Left & Right Arrows” to walk “Up Arrow” to Jump “Hold” ...


2eggledouble controls touch controls


SoulSOUL is a videogame which uses words as a way to tell a story inspired from a particular social event. The metaphor behind the game is that your soul ...

Little Fish By DN Miner

Little Fish By DN MinerIt is a very easy simple “Flappy Bird” clone. To play keep on clicking or tapping to swim up.


SortePuraTeste sua sorte, este mini aplicativo gera números aleatórios da mega-sena… você faz sua aposta com ou sem seus números favoritos e Vualá são ge ...

Philosophy’s game class

Philosophy’s game classIt’s a game for my philosophy’s class. Just drag the correct answer.

Philosophy’s game class.

Philosophy’s game class.It’s a game for my philosophy’s class. Just drag the correct answer.

Cative 1.5

Cative 1.5get much score as possible. touch.

Legend of Oryx

Legend of OryxWork in progress. First person dungeon RPG. Click on controls to move around dungeon and stat screens. Click on objects and drag them to equip.


EnergyHardn bata nos fios use o mouse

Claudiano wins DEMO

Claudiano wins DEMOlike a piece of cake double Up Arrow to fly A to attack you can’t touch the walls

Eternal Zombie Armegeddon

Eternal Zombie ArmegeddonIn this Hybrid Rotary-Shooter; There is little in the way of a learning curve. There is no pause button, no health pick-ups and no breaks in the actio ...

Flappy Troll

Flappy TrollGuide troll face through the gaps and try not to hit the pipes but don’t get mad if you do or you will have fallen victim to the troll. click on ...

Cella prototype

Cella prototypethe zuera has been planted up arrow and down arrow for movement. for shooting use your mouse click

fundo anim

fundo animfsggfgfsgssgsgssrwewerwrgw gwgwgwgwgwwwsgsw


RainyCatCatcherDudeMy first attempt to make something resembling a game with the free version of Construct 2. Obviously very rough and far from a final version. Contains ...


SwordfighterA 2 player sword fighting game. This is the first game I made. See opening screen
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