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change machines example

change machines exampleMade by lesson “change machine.” [up] – go upn[down] -go downn[left] -go leftn[right] -go rightnNote! nIn a running car sit.

The 39 clues-Book 1-Ian’s escape B”R

The 39 clues-Book 1-Ian’s escape B”RThis is a game that shows the escape of Ian Kabra from the top of the church in France. In this game you are supposed to help Ian fly from the church ...


SKAITSObjective of game is to make high score and make a highest double number 8192.nThis is number addition game, to add numbers, you have to click on simi ...


OsterüberraschungSeht was ich für eine Überraschung für euch habe use the arrow keys and a klick of the mouse to explore the small space to the fullest

Shooter 1.1

Shooter 1.1First update of my first shooter game, i hope you enjoy it! W or UP to jump, S or DOWN to crouch, A or LEFT to move left, D or RIGHT to move right.nSh ...

Ukrainian Crisis: A Card Game

Ukrainian Crisis: A Card GameVideo game for school Under help page.

La caida

La caidaMy first game with directional

school testing!

school testing!testing for school not for public view

rock paper scissors

rock paper scissorsrock paper scissors before you engage in need nselect nclick on “OK”nwait

Vona Szocionista Attack

Vona Szocionista AttackGyőzd le a szocionista liberálnácikat! SPACE – FelemelkedésnCTRL – KitörésnnKitörésre csak másodpercenként van lehetőség, mert Gábornak is ...


Ninja-BeanNinja Bean! how much can you survive?! press up to jump from ledge move with left and right keys to left and right side!

Ghost Killer

Ghost KillerYou are a spaceman in a area unknown.Your duty is to eliminate the dark creatures that haunt the place and grab the gems they have. W – UpnS  ...

car game *test*

car game *test*this is a test i had to upload it because it wouldnt let me test it in a browser player 1 use arrow keys nnplayer 2 use wasd

car game *test* re-upload

car game *test* re-uploadsorry if the other one i uploaded crashed your browser dont know why it does that. use arrow keys

Jaden’s World

Jaden’s WorldBETA version for new Survival action RPG. [Arrow Keys] to moven[Space] to attackn[U], [I] and [O] for Menu

Impossible shot [Prototype]

Impossible shot [Prototype]the game consist in clear the stage of enemies with 5 bullets use the mouse for shoot the green guys (the bullet can bounce)n”R” for resta ...

The Lost Penguin

The Lost PenguinMaze Platformer UP Arrow Key – JumpnLeft & Right Arrow Keys – Move Left & Right

Super MentalMan

Super MentalManTest dla Mental way! Sterowanie za pomocą myszki.

GTA tdv

GTA tdv sorry if this sucks, it was just a bit of fun im still learning how to use the software. hope you enjoy and can have a laugh over this ridiculous game ...


Exploration Fight on the hostile planet of Cytheria for resources to save humanity. WASD for movement. RMB- Missles(not functional yet) LMB- Machinegun
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