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Now And Bird

Now And BirdJogo Estilo Flappy Bird.nBem, sei que já passou a “MODA” do jogo, mas eu quis fazer mesmo assim.n—————— ...

Crash Skaitista

Crash SkaitistaJogo de Skaitista com o personagem Crash, jogos muitos jogados no PS1 e PS2. desktop ncomandos: n[top] n[próximo] n[baixo] n[espaço]nnandroid ntela: n ...


MOVETHEBALLaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa drag the ball to the end of the stage

Run Poland Run

Run Poland RunRuuuun!!!!!! [space]-jumpn[down]- sit

Chainsword 1.5

Chainsword 1.5updated death scene f to attack


Command RTS(PRE-ALPHA)Command RTS(PRE-ALPHA) [w]-upn[s]-downn[a]-leftn[d]-rightn[Left button mouse]-fire

Chainsword 2.2

Chainsword 2.2Hack and slash example F to attack + movement keys

Alien Blast

Alien Blast Just your basic ‘Space Invaders’ type game. Shoot the aliens as they come down towards you. Use your mouse/touch control to move your ship ...




ChainswordA hack ad slash game, tell me what you think about it. F to attack + movement keys to move.

Jig 1

Jig 1This game is a short platform game that you try to avoid squares. you use the arrow keys.n[Up arrow] key means jump.n[Left Arrow] key means going left ...

Twinny Minnie

Twinny MinnieTwinny Minnie is a platform-puzzle game. The both character move at the same direction just like a twin. Minnie Blue must help the Minnie Pink to open ...


matchingGameMatch the value of the resistor to the correct image. Drag and drop the value to the correct resistor.


ИлисийПочувствуй себя Илисием. Будь Илисием. Кто ты? Правильно, ты Илисий! [Left Arrow], [Right Arrow] and [Up Arrow] ...

Twinny Minnie (NEW VERSION)

Twinny Minnie (NEW VERSION)Twinny Minnie is a platform-puzzle game. The both character move at the same direction just like a twin. Minnie Blue must help the Minnie Pink to open ...


AirQuariumThematically it’s somewhere between MacBeth, a PSA regarding the importance of flossing, and Over the Top, that Sylvester Stallone arm wrestling ...

Nitro UFO

Nitro UFOSpace Shooter, Dodge asteroids Tap Bottom Left to move leftnTap Bottom Right to move right

Run!! (And Jump)

Run!! (And Jump)A jumping game with an enemy chasing you! Use the arrows to move and use the space bar to activate jump (after gotten from the store)


UniterDrag provinces to unite region Just drag and drop


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