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Jimy sperman

Jimy spermanjogo de recorde aperte na tela para jogar.

Zip Trekker

Zip TrekkerA day of a Zip Trekker is never easy…. Stay on the Ziplines for as long as you can. Watch out for the trees don’t want to be a George of t ...

Space Pilot Web

Space Pilot WebEvade space rocks and enemy spaceships while you drift away in space Move up – “Up Arrow” Move down – “Down Arrow” ...

Lovers (Level 1 & 2)

Lovers (Level 1 & 2)The first two levels of Lovers, a puzzle-platformer game I’m working on ! I’m sorry, the game is far to be finished, actually, it’s ...

space shooter 0.1V

space shooter 0.1Vspace shooter 0.1V in game

E3 Showdown

E3 ShowdownSmall test of what a beginner can do going off of the tutorials that are already present. left arrow to make the sprite go left right to make the spri ...

Catch em All

Catch em AllCatch all of the pokemon, avoid being hit. up arrow makes the trainer go up down arrow makes the trainer go down left arrow makes the trainer goes lef ...

Comando ECO

Comando ECOIt’s a game, which is being conducted with the ministry of education and others. It is giving more awareness about recycling, this is just a bet ...


robotslimthis game is not designed for entertainment. just a homework from my school. easy. use arrows to move and you can also move the camels

Alpha version

Alpha versionNewest version of my platforming game. check the controls in the menu also u can use the mouse to click on the menu buttons

Bunny Hop – 8 Direction Animated Sprites

Bunny Hop – 8 Direction Animated SpritesTest for 8-Direction movement with animated sprites. Use arrow keys to move bunny around the screen in 8-Directions.

Run For Your Life: The Mist

Run For Your Life: The MistHelp our little dark friend circumvent the obstacles, collect stars and of course, running faster than the mist that haunts him constantly. [Up Arrow] ...

Jump Quest 2D

Jump Quest 2DVai ter mais versões do jogo Com varias adições. Setas movem o personagem. Personagem contem pulo duplo.


ShieldStop the monsters from running you off the cliff [a] for green, [s] for blue and [d] for red

Ploppy Birds

Ploppy Birdsa fun lighthearted shooter game not to be taken too seriously. if you like the game please download the app ...

Démineur (Minesweeper)

Démineur (Minesweeper)This is a simple Minesweeper game i made in ~4h for fun and learning purpose. The game isn’t complete right now (i need to do menus, general des ...


SustainThis is version 1.4 of my inquiry game, Sustain. WAD to move.

Bomb Fruit

Bomb FruitCut as much fruit as you can in one minute! Jogar = Play Jogo pausado = Paused game Creditos = Credits Recorde = record Novo Record = New Record Ponto ...


NavinhaJogo bacana atira e mata tudo

Crate Attack!

Crate Attack!Caution! All crates are getting mad! Just click a crate to destroy and get point!
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