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GrelfYou suffer from 3 fears: darkness, spiders and loud sounds. Triumph over your fears to leave them behind. All instructions in first level.

Rocket Dodge

Rocket DodgeTouch the screen. Dodge the meteors. Good luck! Touch or Mouse

Space Jump

Space Jump Jump high in the space and make the highest scorenMaked in less than two hourn(This game is a test) [Arrows] to move


RandomQuestUnlock and play with a myriad of characters and equipment, battling skeletons, zombies, snake people, and bosses galore! [Up] – Jumpn[Left]& ...

Lizard Rescuer Prototype

Lizard Rescuer PrototypeA prototype of the game made, designed as present to one of my friends. Also featuring my artwork. Controls: [Arrow Keys] to move and jump. [Z] to att ...

qtpie raise your dongers

qtpie raise your dongersThis is WiP and contains some unfinished features and bugsnnSo dong Use the left and right arrow’s to movennQ- To super jumpnE – To slow d ...

Claudiano Wins

Claudiano Winsclaudiano is the new lord of the thunder, but he’s enemy’s own your power. 2x up => flyn2x pra cima voa

Custom character

Custom characterIn Less 30 Events Arrows to movenRight click to choose color and gender


SketchyA test game for a platformer that is a work in progress. Use the [WASD] keys to move, once you pick the the pencil you can use the mouse to draw platf ...


PainterA small paint application made as a test. [Mouse] to interact


BlastA small avoider style game created as a test Click the Left [Mouse] button to tell the astronaut where to fly to, avoid tha walls while collecting the ...


AstroJump over the green monsters and take the pink monsters for the points.´this is one level demo’ Touch is jump and for the keys is the up arrow

Stomping Sounds

Stomping SoundsUse your musical talents to make some sweet loops Use [A] [S] [D] [F] [G] [H] [J] [K] [L] [;] to play notes and make loops.nUse the dropdown box to se ...

Shooter 1.3

Shooter 1.3Small update featuring weapon switch. W or UP to jump, S or DOWN to crouch, A or LEFT to move left, D or RIGHT to move right. nShoot with left click, ...

Sustain (semi-final release)

Sustain (semi-final release)Descriptions are lame. Who’s going to read this? Same as above. Nobody is really going to read this, right?


Rap-ManIn the mood for a little rhetorical fist-a-cuffs while bee-bopping to the jammy jams?nnGo toe-to-toe with the Rap-Man!nnThis has to be the most stupid ...

Who let the dogs out

Who let the dogs outYour a dog trying to go on a nice jog through the park. Watch out for the dog catcher and crazy cats! up arrow- jumpnleft arrow-backnright arrow- forw ...

just jump into the hole, do it

just jump into the hole, do itLudum Dare 29 attempt: 3 days late for solo, 2 days late for jam. First timer. Almost no real gameplay, sorry. [Left Arrow] and [Right Arrow] to move ...

Shooter 1.31

Shooter 1.31Added shotgun and small fixes for shooting system W or UP to jump, S or DOWN to crouch, A or LEFT to move left, D or RIGHT to move right. nShoot with ...

Who Let the Dogs Out 2

Who Let the Dogs Out 2You’re a dog trying to go on a nice jog through the park but watch out for the dog catcher and crazy cats! [up arrow] – jumpn[left arrow] ...
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