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IrenaUma pequena porquinha salvando vidas. [Up Arrow] to Jump, Left and Right Arrows to move.



The Time For Straight Talk Is Over

The Time For Straight Talk Is OverInspired by Regular Features, an awesome podcast Arrow keys, instructions in game

Támad a Feri!

Támad a Feri!Győzd le a Feri klónokat! Start / Restart: SPACEnMove: WASDnFire: Left click

Infinite Runner

Infinite RunnerInfinite runner game use space or left click to jump, w + s to fly up and down

Typing Bliss

Typing Bliss Type the letters. Get a high score. Chill out. Type the letters you see.

Will You Be My Friend

Will You Be My FriendA simple art game. Use the arrow keys to move.

So Much Depends Upon

So Much Depends UponExplore the world. There are many things to find if you are looking. Thanks to William Carlos Williams. Use the arrow keys to walk around.


TO THE MOONGet doge to the moon. Is it even possible? WHO KNOWS MAYBE THE DEVELOPER JUST HASN’T EVEN FINISHED IT YET [Left Arrow] moves doge to the left [R ...


MuybridgeThanks to Eadweard Muybrige for making the sprite sheet in 1872. Use space to jump.

Clock Work

Clock WorkJoin the yellow dots. Use the arrow keys to move.

Pequenos Porquinhos

Pequenos PorquinhosTeste de movimentação do personagem… Apenas use as setas.


Irena_testeTestando movimentos… Use as setas…

Stupid Turret Game

Stupid Turret Game This is a game that really requires your flexes. Do you want to know how good you are? Try it out! Avoid the projectile fired from the turret, and las ...


TDS1Top down shooter Shoot with your mouse(clic left).nMove witn Arrows.

The Mitochdondrion – Radicals

The Mitochdondrion – RadicalsFast paced retro style arcade game, that takes place inside the Mitochondrion of a cell. Keyboard:nArrow keys – movenSpace bar – PausennGa ...

Flying Deep

Flying DeepControl a submarine underwater and help it to reach as far as it can while avoiding the evil fishes! “Spacebar” to increase and decrease t ...


Rock-Paper-ScissorsIt´s the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors, it´s just more fun.nRock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock Just click with the left mous ...

Dont be Caught

Dont be CaughtDont let the enemy catch you, avoid then. Olny [mouse] to move the pointer

Teste Irena

Teste IrenaSó um teste de movimentação. Use as setas…
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