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Fabby Bird

Fabby BirdIts like Flappy Bird but more fabulous! Left click/tap to flap!

Yolo in space

Yolo in spacefait par Hugo Schoen liser avant de clicker sur start


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Gunslinger of Justice V2

Gunslinger of Justice V2The bandits are on the loose, kill them and help save the town! arrow keys – move/jump/double jump P – pause B – switch weapons

Disaster Car

Disaster CarThis is my first draft for group project and please your feedback about this game. thanks. Arrow (movement) and Space (Pause)

Page of Doom

Page of DoomHop through pages upon pages of destruction. Arrow keys to move. Survive for as long as possible.

2 Players Jets Fight V2

2 Players Jets Fight V2New version of 2 Players Jet Fight P1: [w][a][s][d] to move [j][k][l]to shot P2 [arrow key] to move [1][2][3] to shot

Pete Test Level

Pete Test LevelAdventure! Not so sure. It’s a test. up arrow – up down arrow – down left arrow – left right arrow – right mouse – ...


The CATFirst steps. Just familiarizing CS2 commands. Learning new stuff (how to) Press [Left] [Right] to walk and [Spacebar] to jump. Avoid the Mines and ICE ...


DotsNBoxesDots n Boxes 2 player game a bit like lines & boxes. Mouse & Touch enabled 2 players Blue goes first then Red click on a dot or touch a dot to ...


FlyingAlongGame mini just for fun Just long click

2 Players Jets Fight V 2.1

2 Players Jets Fight V 2.12 players Jets fight v2.1 1.HP pack support! 2.control key change! Player 1: [W][A][S][D] to move [F][G][H] to spawn different types of bullets. Playe ...

Sugar Clash

Sugar ClashNavigate through a maze while defeating and devouring your sweet enemies! Created by Andrew Cunningham and Casey Rohman arrow keys to move space to at ...


CrazyTapHelp the little bat to challenge her way threw the huge cave and to overcome all obstacles. Or design the game quite individual, by uploading ground, ...

house of the DEAD alpha

house of the DEAD alphathere are some bugs in thiis game i am still working on it, please leave your feedback. w,a,s,d to move, mouse to aim and left click is fire

Nightmare Colors [Beta]

Nightmare Colors [Beta]A Platform game that we make for the past Global Game jam, you have to evade the bosses and find the keys using the different colors in order to chang ...

Dont Play, Just A Test

Dont Play, Just A TestDont play the game Up Arrow is Jump Down Arrow does nothing Left Arrow Goes Left Right Arrow Goes Right so gaben


NitroBased-CompletedGroup Project Drag Racing Game Instructions within game

Flappy Flicky

Flappy FlickyFlappy Flicky is a game like the famous “Flappy Bird”. This time you control “Flicky”, the bird from SEGA games, and he must c ...


EclipseGame make in Global Game Jam 2014. Up = Jump Down = Dash
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