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The Soh 1

The Soh 1Game by Hosiwarix ( 14 years old ) .nSimple Mini Game But Need Focus . Complete the little map , avoid all the TnT’s and jump on the right place ...

Honey Blast

Honey BlastThis is a beta version in beginning stage…but comments are welcome. Arrows = Move (U should always hold the upper arrow to fly)nSpace = ShootnEa ...

Nyan Adventure

Nyan AdventureUse Nyan Cat to get to the end of the level… or die trying. [Arrow Keys] to move and jump.

Come Diamantes

Come DiamantesEs un juego muy facil que trata de obtener todos los cristales puestos en el mapa, es un prototipo aún. aksjfsdkvsdbvlkxvnxlfkvjcklvdxcnvlkdcvnjdfklvn ...

Space Duel

Space DuelA quick game I made learning how to use Construct 2. You are the green ship and you try to kill the red ship. [Up Arrow] to thrust [Down Arrow] to slo ...


StickManShootJuego en etapa pre-alfa, cualquier critica será muy bienvenida. click derecho: disparar. nteclas: w, a , d (arriba, izquierda y derecha) nflechas: arr ...

First Try

First TryPlatform game with 2 monsters and 1 boss.. its a little game but nice. You should try… =DnnMade by André and Gian [Up Arrow] Jumpn[Right Arrow] ...


minipokera simple poker game with less rules (german language, but very easy to play) select the cards you want to change (or keep all), make your bet and play ...


Boom!Birds!-DEFENDS THE BIRDS OF THE CROWS! -Touch to crush blacks crows twice the Reds!nn-The FLYING BOMBS-Tap and destroy all Evil!


FingballIt’s air hockey with your fingers! Touch the screen to move the ball into the other players goal.

New project Zumbi drive

New project Zumbi drivea fun game to test and lern how to make games use arrows and space to shoot


JumperA game made at a workshop. David. Arrowkeys to play.


MinebloxA game made at a workshop. Alex. Use the arrowkeys to play.

Alien Ninja Block Wars

Alien Ninja Block WarsA game made at a workshop. Use the arrowkeys to play.

Mr. Monsters Adventures

Mr. Monsters AdventuresA game made at a workshop. Use the arrowkeys to play.

The Stick

The Stick A game made at a workshop. Use the arrowkeys to play.

Parcour Master

Parcour MasterA game made at a workshop. Use the arrowkeys to play.

ROPE BALL – alpha

ROPE BALL – alphamake the ball land in the platform! Click


MadCap-MineCartGame created in 2 daysnnA game created in Game Maker and now Contruct 2 [w] to jumpn[s] to crouch n[s] + [w] jump to the wagonn[space] restart


ThePandawaEvoThe Pandawa Evo Beta Up Arraow to JumpnLeft and Right Arrow to movenbutton Z to shoot
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