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Vocaleseste juego te enseñara las vocales en ingles solo utiliza las flechas del teclado y brinca sobre las letras repitiendo el texto para que te aprendas l ...


ColoresInglesEste juego es para aprender los colores solo se utilizan las flechas del teclado

Mini DayZ

Mini DayZMiniDayZ – fan made hardcore DayZ Standalone with zombies, loot and big map. full info here www.minidayz.run WASD ...

ragdoll platformer

ragdoll platformerA test of a ragdoll for platformer! nplayer is made out of multiple parts still need to work more on it! but its usefull if you want a platformer char ...


claudiano_winsfly in labrint on the sky, but you can’t touch the walls.nyour skills are be tested. instructions in the game


mountUse arrows and you fast reaction to climb the impenetrable castle wall and pass through the cruel guard unseen. The legend says that the beautiful pri ...

Invasão Monstro

Invasão MonstroJogo de Tiro Setas movimentam a personagem, mouse atira e mira.

Huntier Demo v2

Huntier Demo v22nd version of my mega man style platforming game. The art is not mine and is just a stand in until i can get help with the art work.nAny feedback wil ...

Tunnel Escape

Tunnel EscapeEscape from the sawblades trough a random generated tunnel and post your personal best in the comments! I would really appreciate some feedback for th ...

Final Year Project

Final Year ProjectGame I made for university…. Space = Fire nLeft = A nRight = D

Flappy Me

Flappy MeMine version of Flappy Bird.nMusic: Holfix – Up and Away (Bit remix) Just click with mouse.

The Mitochondrion – Radicals

The Mitochondrion – RadicalsFast paced retro style arcade game, that takes place inside the Mitochondrion of a cell.nn(This version is for keyboard or gamepad (no touch screen su ...

The Mitochondrion: Heteroplasmy

The Mitochondrion: HeteroplasmyIQ style Arcade Puzzle game that takes place inside the Mitochondrion of a cell.nFind and stop the Mutant DNA.nnThe second game created for the Cambri ...

The Question Of Impossible

The Question Of Impossiblemy first Game arrows

8 way tilt for mobile

8 way tilt for mobilethis is a system for mobile tilt movement 8ways , download the capx to see how can you do it! and check the link below for APk test file for android d ...

change machines example

change machines exampleMade by lesson “change machine.” [up] – go upn[down] -go downn[left] -go leftn[right] -go rightnNote! nIn a running car sit.

The 39 clues-Book 1-Ian’s escape B”R

The 39 clues-Book 1-Ian’s escape B”RThis is a game that shows the escape of Ian Kabra from the top of the church in France. In this game you are supposed to help Ian fly from the church ...


SKAITSObjective of game is to make high score and make a highest double number 8192.nThis is number addition game, to add numbers, you have to click on simi ...


OsterüberraschungSeht was ich für eine Überraschung für euch habe use the arrow keys and a klick of the mouse to explore the small space to the fullest

Shooter 1.1

Shooter 1.1First update of my first shooter game, i hope you enjoy it! W or UP to jump, S or DOWN to crouch, A or LEFT to move left, D or RIGHT to move right.nSh ...
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